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Q: Where was world's first city-state?
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What is the greek word for citystate?


What is the citystate of Athens best known for?


What is the political units of city and surrounding land in Mesopotamia?


Which of the derwent valley mills was the worlds first factory or what was the worlds first factory?

Cromford mill was the worlds first factory

What is the worlds first civillzation?

The worlds first civillization would probably be Mesopotamia.

What citystate was Socrates from?

Socrates was from the city-state of Athens in ancient Greece.

Who built the worlds first civalization?

the mesopotamian people was the first people to establish the worlds first civilization

Worlds First light switch?

The worlds first light switch was invented by Moe Goldberg in 1893.

What is the noun in the sentence Her first book was My two worlds?

Her first book was My two worldsThe nouns in the sentence are book and "My Two Worlds".The title (proper noun) "My Two Worlds" contains the noun worlds.

When was the book The War of the Worlds first published?

"The War of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells was first published in 1898 .

When was War of the Worlds originally published?

The War of the Worlds was first published in 1898.

In ancient Greece independent communities that followed their own traditions government and laws came to be known as a?