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Q: Which European power dominated India?
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What European leader dominated Europe from 1870 to 1890?

Due to Otto Von Bismarck's leadership, military power and diplomacy, Europe was dominated by Germany from 1870 to 1890.

What country dominated the subcontinent of South Asia?

India and Hinduism in particular dominated the world

What European group dominated exploration in the 1500s?

the spanish dominated the 1500s

What nation dominated the New World between 1500 and 1550?

Spain dominated the exploration and colonization of the New World. Great wealth and power came to Spain especially in terms of gaining more gold and silver than any other European power.

1 what was most involved in European-dominated world trade by 1700 a. China B. Africa c. India d. The Middle East?

Middle East

What kingdom dominated the area from central inner Eurasia to northern India?

Kushana dominated central inner Eurasia to Northern India.

Who was the first European power to discover the sea route to India?


European Concept of Degree?

A concern for power and rank (degree) that dominated European life between the 15th and 17th centuries. - The Enduring Vision: A History of The American People Vol. 1 pg. 25

Who or what western power dominated Belgian Congo?

BELGIUM was the Western power that dominated The BELGIAN Congo.

Who dominated India between 1612 and 1857?

The British East India Company

When did Muslims dominate India?

The Muslims dominated India during the Maghul Empire.

What effect did Mughal rule have on India?

Muslim culture dominated in parts of India.