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One that is dead. He would not be interested in anything.

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Q: Which Frenchman would not be interested in settling in new France?
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How did Giovanni da Verrazano get interested in sailing and exploring?

His motivation was that he would get rewarded if he completed

What is the ancient name for France?

The land where France would be was once called Gaul, around the time of Rome.

France based its claim to territory in what is now Canada on the explorations of who?

In 1524, Giovanni da Verranzano explored the New World for France. He searched for a route to the Indies through the continent. Verranzano sailed up and down the East Coast of America looking for a passage that would take him further west. He could not find one so he returned, making no distinct claim for France. Some historians say French explorer Jacques Cartier accompanied Verranzano to the New World. In 1534 Cartier tried to find a sea passage to the East Indies through North America. He could not find a river that would take ships west from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Instead he discovered the St. Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence River ended much sooner than Cartier expected. It ended on a high hill which Cartier named Mont Real or King's Mountain in honor of the King of France. Mont Real later became Montreal. Cartier named the area New France and claimed it in the name of the King of France. This discovery opened Canada for Europeans wanting to settle in North America. Cartier took colonists to Cape Rouge near Quebec. The colony was a failure. After this France lost interest in Canada. It would be more than 70 years before another Frenchman came to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. Cartier never discovered the North West Passage, but his explorations allowed France to claim the Area, which is now Canada.

What does 'what is happening in your world' mean?

What is going on in your life would be another way to ask. They are interested in you and what is going on around you.

Why does Balloon Street in Manchester have that name?

Because in the 18th Century a Frenchman went up in a hot air balloon! Would have to research more to tell you the details - but for a short time I worked at the CIS and found out - I think there was a plaque somewhere along the street.

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Is France an imperialist country?

It used to be. since the establishment of the former French colonies as independent countries, sixty to fifty ears ago, no Frenchman would say France is imperialist.

What is Jacques Cartier country of origin?

He was a Frenchman from the region of Brittany in the north-west of France. He would therefore probably have described himself as a Breton.

Why did the settling of east Texas halt in 1719?

The reason the settling of East Texas halted is because war broke out between Spain and France. Texas would eventually become a U.S. state in 1845.

The growth of what trade got France interested in building colonies in the land called New France?

While building colony in New France (Canada), France was interested in the growth of it's Fur Trade. The fur trade was the original reason for France to come over to Canada to colonize it. They also were not interested in settlers because they thought it would affect their fur trade. This, along with the natives, and Catholocism, resulted in displaced people.

What does tone mean in drama terms?

In drama terms 'tone' means how you want to make your voice sound. Say perhaps you were pretending to be from France you would make your voice sound like a Frenchman.

Why did the national convention feel Louis XVI committed treason?

Feel? He was treated exactly as any other Frenchman would have been, who corresponded with countries openly at war with France, and who tried to desert to their armies.

How did Giovanni da Verrazano get interested in sailing and exploring?

His motivation was that he would get rewarded if he completed

What is dinner in French?

dîner when it's really late or in certain regions in France, it would be "souper", and "dîner" would be used for lunch. note from a frenchman: "souper" is an old word nearly not used today.

Is it possible for a country to invade France?

Well, this is highly unlikely that someone would be interested into invading France nowadays. It would be a difficult task as France's military is one of the best-equipped in the world, with significant numbers (it was the major contributor to NATO for the best part of the 1990s) and is a nuclear power.

Why did France have a renewed interest in the new world in the 1600?

the french were both interested in establishing a settlement in the new world, and also the furs that they would bring back to France and sell.

Why did native American lose their way of life?

Native Americans lose their way of life because the English were interested in settling the land and farming it, but that was the land that the Native Americans would not be able to use for hunting or growing their own food.

What is the most likely meaning of would take an uncommon range?

would need little excuse to kill a frenchman.