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the 14th amendment

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Q: Which amendment defined citizenship
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Which ammendment defined citizenship?

The first (1) amendment defines citizenship!!

What problems did the 14th amendment solve?

Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution can be defined as the amendment that guaranteed rights privileges and immunities of Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection. It solved the problems of the rights of citizenship.

What amendment is US citizenship defined in?

Hmm...Citizenship is defined in the Constitution itself - Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 gives congress the power to determine citizenship. The Constitution does say that anyone living in the United States upon ratification is a US citizen. Also note that citizenship for Black Americans is solidified in the fourteenth amendment, which overturned the Dred Scott v. Sandford decision.

What amendment to the constitution define citizenship?

The fourteenth amendment addresses citizenship. Initially it was in relation to the subject of slaves and their citizenship, but it has crossed over to citizenship in general.

Which amendment gave citizenship?

the 14th amendment

How is citizenship defined in the fourteenth amendment and how has that definition altered the constitutional balance between the nation and the states?

nationalizing it and giving it constitutional protection

Which amendment declared citizenship laws?

The 14th amendment

How does the 14th amendment define citizenship?

The 14th amendment showed improvement in citizenship by defining the equal rights.

What amendment gives former slaves citizenship?

The 14th amendment gave citizenship to former slaves. Oddly,, it also gives citizenship to illegal aliens.

What amendment gave FULL citizenship to African Americans?

It was the 14th Amendment that gave African Americans full citizenship

Which amendment guaranteed black Americans citizenship?

15th amendment

What amendment extended citizenship to the former slaves?

The 14th amendment.

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