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Q: Which controlled the majority of Latin America?
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What were the powers and privileges of the landed elites in Latin America?

They controlled the vast majority of land and resources

What country controlled Latin America?


What is the dominant religon in Latin America?

The dominant religion in Latin America is Roman Catholicism, with the majority of the population identifying as Catholic.

Where did the majority of the foreign born population come from?

Latin America

Who controlled most of latin America?

Spain controlled most of Latin America in the 16th and 17th centuries leaving behind a decimated native population, the roman catholic faith and the spanish language.

What characteristic distinguishes religion in latin America from North America?

having a Roman catholic majority

What is the main religion of latin america?

Vast majority of Latin Americans are christians, mostly Roman Catholics

Latin America refers to only those lands that were originally controlled by the Spanish conquistadors?

No. Also to those lands controlled by Portuguese and French colonists. Hence the name Latin America, as Spanish, French and Portuguese languages descend from the ancient Latin language.

Choose the best answer. Who owned most Latin American land and controlled education?

The Catholic Church owned the most land and controlled education in Latin America during the colonial period.

Which of the following statements about foreign companies in Latin America was true?

Foreign companies often controlled the economies of Latin American countries

Who owned most Latin American land and controlled eduation?

During the colonial period, the majority of land in Latin America was owned by a small elite group of Spanish and Portuguese settlers, as well as the Catholic Church. Education was controlled by the colonial authorities and the Catholic Church, where education was often limited to elites and focused on religious instruction and maintaining social order.

How was the effect of imperialism on Latin America to its effect on China?

Latin America was commercially dominated by the united states. Similarly, China's economy was controlled by Japan and other countries. (APEX)