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which first countries brought slaves to the U.S.A

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Q: Which countries first brought over slaves?
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What groups of people did the Europeans force to work as slaves in the New World?

Most of the people the Europeans brought over to the New World as slaves were West Africans from the central an western part of Africa. This was known as the Atlantic slave trade.

Where did people get slaves from?

Most of the slaves came from Africa because most of them were black over there

How many slaves were there worldwide in 1800?

This will have to be an educated guess, as we are not only talking about black slaves in the Americas and many countries did not keep count. But here goes: . The US had about 4 million black slaves; the other Americas about 1 million . Russia had 23 million (white, Russian) privately held slaves plus some 10 million State-held slaves . In Africa itself, on average over 35% of its total population was held as slaves by other Africans, exact numbers unknown; in Madagascar it was over 50% . In Asia, there were at least 30 million slaves; half the Korean population consisted of slaves, one third of the population of Burma and Thailand; and India had some 8 million . In the Middle East and Arabia, several million slaves were held (exact numbers unknown) among them many Europeans. Even today, an estimated 300,000 slaves are held in the Arabic countries. Although the transatlantic slave trade has always been in the limelight, it concerned only a minor part of worldwide slavery which must have amounted to well over a hundred million people around 1800.

Which was NOT a reason the Europeans began importing slaves to their colonies?

Europeans imported slaves to America to work the fields. They did not bring slaves over to give them freedom in the New World.

Who brought African-Americans to America?

Most were brought to North America between 1650 and 1800. Most arrived on Spanish ships. During this period of time these Spanish ships delivered about 12 million black people all over the world. Only 645,000 were brought to what is now known as the United States.