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Q: Which country became a country of opium addicts?
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What events led to the opium war?

he opium war was started by the british people selling opium to the Chinese people for their goods. The emporer of china was angry because of all of the people always on opium so he made it illegal to sell or buy opium. When Britain kept selling the opium illegaly, that's what started the war. heroin addicts.

What has the author Grevel Lindop written?

Grevel Lindop has written: 'The opium-eater, a life of Thomas De Quincey' -- subject(s): Biography, Drug addicts, England, English Authors, Opium abuse, Opium habit 'The path & the palace' -- subject(s): Poetry 'Selected poems' 'The opium-eater' -- subject(s): Biography, Drug addicts, English Authors, Opium abuse

What country is the biggest exporter of opium?

Afghanistan is the biggest opium exporter

What was the opium rebellion?

The Chinese government became upset with the British government importing opium into China, around 1840.

What country has the most addicts?

Iran does. 35% on heroin

Which Country Won the Opium War?


How did medicine affect the civil war?

Well, it created lots of morphine addicts. Soldiers treated with morphine for the pain of their injuries usually became addicts. In 1898 Bayer began marketing of Heroin as a non-addictive morphine substitute, cough suppressant, and cure for morphine addiction. Many surviving civil war veterans that were morphine addicts switched to Heroin and became Heroin addicts.

What company began trading opium to china?

I think you meant to ask: What country began trading opium with china? The answer to that is: England. They trade opium with china in return for tea.

How many Chinese people became addicted to opium by 1835?

around 2 000 000 Chinese people used opium on a habitual basis

What did the Chinese government do in response to losing the first opium war?

became isolated

What became a major issue of contention between the Qing Dynasty and the British.?


Became a major issue of contention between the Qing Dynasty and the British.?