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Prop. 215, Legalization of Medicinal/Recreational use of Marijuana'

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taxes were raised

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Q: Which didnt occur under cromwells commonwealth?
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Which country in the Commonwealth was never in the British empire?

Mozambique - once a Portuguese colony - joined the Commonwealth, though it was never part of the British Empire. The point is that most of its neighbours belong to the Commonwealth.There are three other Commonwealth members that were never under British rule: Namibia, Samoa and Rwanda.

What type of government ruled England after the civil war?

The English Commonwealth was the loosely used term for the system of government after the regicide of Charles I. The rump parliament declared England a Commonwealth although by definition England was actually a Protectorate under the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

When did the Northern Territory become a colony of Australia?

The Northern Territory was never a colony of Australia. The Northern Territory was founded under the name of "Northern Territory" in 1911, which is when it was separated from South Australia and transferred to Commonwealth control. From 1825 to 1863, the Northern Territory was part of New South Wales, and from 1863 to 1911 it was part of South Australia, at neither time being a separate territory or colony - though there was the outpost of Port Essington on the northern coast. On 1 January 1911, the Northern Territory was removed from South Australia's rule and transferred to Commonwealth control.

What was the role of the gestapo during world war 2?

Basically, the Gestapo's (the green Police) role was to question the movements of the citizens in Germany. THey kept everyone under suspicion. If citizens did not respond to them, torture was used. The Gestapo had the right to iterogate citizens at any given time. Night or day. It didnt matter to them. They were highly fearded, and were not to be tolied with. The were Germanys top Police force. They had no limitations, and had no consequence to there actions.

When does a referendum take place?

Referenda occur as called and allowed for under the laws of the given jurisdiction. Referenda can be called based on the successful petition for a law asking for direct vote. Referenda are also used regularly in some areas which vote on property tax increases used to fund their public school districts.

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Are the commonwealth games fair?

Yes, the Commonwealth Games are conducted under a fair and under the rules.

When was Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations created?

Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations was created in 1947.

When did Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations end?

Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations ended in 1966.

Can children 5 and under enter the commonwealth games?

No people aged five and under can not enter the Commonwealth Games.

What are all the commonweath countries?

Name 6 countries that are in the Commonwealth

What is The commonwealth question?

The commonwealth question is: "over half of the 1.8 billion people in the commonwealth are aged 25 or under. What changes in your country would enhance the lives of young people?"

Does regional metamorphism occur under volcanoes?

Yes they do occur under volcanoes

Which African member of the present Commonwealth was never part of the British Empire Commonwealth member?

Mozambique There are three African members of the Commonwealth that were never under British rule: Mozambique, Namibia and Rwanda.

Is Canada still a member of the British commonwealth and if so are they still under British control?

canada is still a member or the british commonwealth and still has some control over it

Under what conditions will rusting not occur?

Rust will not occur where it is dry and humid

What is the Commonwealth games official theme?

The Commonwealth Games have the nickname the "Friendly Games" which is the theme they operate under. There is no specific theme tune or logo for Commonwealth Games as a total with each Games having their own individual logo, theme tune and motto

Commonwealth period in the Philippines-decade of unrest?

During the Commonwealth period, the Philippines were under the control of the United States as a commonwealth. It had a bicameral legislature, and Tagalog was adopted as the national language. Women were also awarded suffrage during the Commonwealth period. The government was exiled between 1942 and 1945 when the Philippines were under Japanese control during WWII. Once the war ended, the Philippines became their own republic, as outlined in the Philippine Constitution of 1935.