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Q: Which ruler set up the first empire in world history?
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Who set up the first empire in world history?

it was either Sargon or Babylon

What are the worst empires in world history?

Ottoman Empire...

Who was the first man to rule the world?

The first man to rule the world is god. he OWNS the world, therefor the ruler of it.,Answer:There has never been an absolute ruler of the entire world. Some like Alexander the Great claimed to rule the known world, but this is not the same thing.

What was the world's first trading empire?

The Phoenicians

What are the three periods of world history?

The majority would agree that there are three periods of history: A/ Prehistory - Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalkolithic ages. The dawn has gone as back as 3.2 million years [Lucy] B/ History before the birth of Jesus Christ - Ancient History, the dawn of written history, Bronze and Iron ages. C/ History after the birth of Jesus Christ, Middle ages, Renaissance and Modern history. Developments in history were happening in different parts of the world at a slow pace. The first states as we understand the term today were created in Mesopotamia and Persia. The first European state with the today's meanning was the Minoan civilization. The first European Empire that extended to both Europe and Asia was the one Alexander the Great created from 334 to 323 BCE. The Roman Empire followed from 27BCE to 476 AD/ CE which was split to the Western Roman Empire that lead to the creation of nations states as we understand the term today and the Eastern Roman Empire that soon became the Byzantine Empire [from 330 to 1453AD/ CE] . The Byzantine Empire was followed by the Ottoman Empire that lasted from 1453 AD/ CE to 1923. In the mean time the Portugese, the Spanish, the French, the Netherlands, the Belgian, the German and British Empires were created. What it is considered as the modern western civilization was found in the years of the Hellenic Classic History times, specificly Athens and the Golden Age of Pericles 5th century BCE.

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Who set up the first empire in world history and how he do it?

Sargon, leader of the Akkadians, set up the first empire in world history by overrunning the Sumerian city-states.

Who is the ruler of Akkad who invaded and conquered neighboring Sumer to build the world's first known empire?


Who set the first empire in world history?

it was either Sargon or Babylon

Who set up the first empire in world history?

it was either Sargon or Babylon

Who was the first ruler of Mesopotamia?

Sargon of Akkad was the first person to unite and reign over Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was the first empire in the world.The ruler of the first empire was King Sargon of Akkad.he created the Akkadian empireSargon, leader of the Akkadian Empire, was the first person to establish the first empire.

Who was the group that had the largest land empire in world history?

The British Empire was the largest empire in history.

Who was the illiterate ruler who ruled half of the world in the medieval ages?

Roman empire

Who built the first empire and how did the person build it?

Sargon was the first ruler to form an empire around 4000 years ago. He formed the Akkadian empire which ruled Mesopotamia for about 200 years. It was formed through expansion and the conquering of nation states.

What was one of the largest empires in world history?

i think the roman empire was the strongest empire but the largest to me was the british empire

Who was Caesar augustos?

augustos was the most powerful ruler of the mightiest empire of the ancient world.

Who were the rulers of early Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is a region, not a country, so nobody ever ruled over Mesopotamia just like nobody ever ruled over Iberia or the Amazon Rainforest. The first emperor anywhere in the world founded his empire in Mesopotamia; this was Sargon of the Akkadian Empire.

What ruler in french history had a goal of taking over the world?