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Q: Which structure within a mission served as living quarters for Spanish immigrants?
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What structure within a mission served as living quarters for Spanish?


Which structure within a mission served as living quarters for spanish immgrants?


What was Mission Santa Clara De Asis made of in 1777?

Mission Santa Clara de Asis, founded in 1777, was initially made of adobe bricks, mud, and clay. The structure was typical of Spanish mission architecture, featuring a church, living quarters, workshops, and other essential facilities for the missionaries and Native American converts.

Which structure served as a military fort within a mission?

A presidio was the structure that served as a military fort within a mission in Spanish colonial settlements in the Americas. The presidio housed soldiers who protected the mission and surrounding settlements.

What was the role of the Spanish soldiers on mission Santa Clara?

When the mission was part of the Mexico mission system there were no Spanish soliders. As a part of Spain Spanish soliders were not stationed there.

What does mission mean in spanish?

Mission in Spanish is Misión. In English it's pronounced "MIH-shun". In Spanish it's "me-seeON"

Did mission carmel have workers quarters?

where was the carmel workers quarter located

Why was Mission San Jose built on a highway?

The mission system was built to aid travelers and immigrants to the surrounding areas.

How was the Spanish California mission system and its treatment of Indians?

The Spanish Mission system started in 1718 with Mission San Antonio de Valero. Most spanish missions had the aim of converting the natives to christianity.

What is the relationship between the mission and vision of a company to its organizational structure?

The mission and vision of a company can be integral to its organizational structure. The mission and vision can determine the chain of command and influence whether the company functions under a horizontal or vertical structure.

Did they have a convento at mission soledad?

Yes, Mission Soledad had a convento, which served as living quarters for the friars and as the administrative center of the mission. It was a key building in the mission complex, along with the church and other structures.

Where was the first spanish mission built?

The first Spanish mission in California was built in San Diego, and it was named Mission San Diego de Alcalá. It was founded on July 16, 1769, by Father Junipero Serra.