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Q: Which two European empires claimed territories in the new world?
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Why did European empires collapse during World War 1?

It did because they were not good empires

What happened to both the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire after World War 1?

The empires split up into smaller territories.

Which European countries had HUGE empires around the world?

The European countries that had huge empires around the world were Spain, Portugal, France, and the United Kingdom. These colonial empires spanned across multiple continents and included territories in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

Have European countries have ruled territories in most of the world?


Which European countries had a successful explorations and empires in the new world?

At various times, the Spanish, the British, the Dutch, the French, and the Portuguese all had empires in the New World.

By 1750 European nations had claimed most of the New World. Which Nation claimed the most land?


How can we see elements of Alexander's Hellenistic world in our modern world?

The European and Asian empires were echoes of the Alexander empire, which was itself an echo of the Assyrian and Persian empires. The European and Asian empires morphed into the nation-states of today under different political systems, so the link is very tenuous.

What are some of the reasons for early European exploration?

Some reasons for early European exploration include seeking wealth through trade, spreading Christianity, expanding empires, and searching for new trade routes to Asia. Additionally, Europeans were driven by a desire for adventure and curiosity about the world beyond their known territories.

What three European countries competed to explore and lay claim to the new world?

Spain, Portugal, and England were the three European countries that competed to explore and lay claim to the New World during the Age of Exploration. They sought to find new trade routes, resources, and territories to expand their empires and increase their wealth and influence.

Has European countries ruled territories in most of the world?

Yes, the answer is true!

How did the advances in communication technology after the industrial revolution contribute to europes ability to establish and dominate new colonial empires?

They allowed Europeans to communicate easily across different parts of international empires.

What three reasons explorers came to the new world?

Explorers came to the New World in search of wealth and resources, to spread Christianity, and to expand their empires and territories.