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the two counties that went to war were Germany and the US.

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Q: Which two countries fought in the two infamous wars World War 1 and World War 2?
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Why are these wars known as world wars?

These wars are known as World Wars because many countries of the world fought in the war

Why were some wars called World Wars?

Some wars were called World Wars because they were fought with a variety of countries all around the world in different places. An example would be World War 1.

World wars against jewish?

Neither World War was against Jewish. Jews fought on both sides, with their respective countries in both World Wars.

Which of these two countries have fought three wars since World War 2?

India And Pakistan

Why was World War 2 classified as a 'world war'?

none of the world wars were litterally a world war, not all of the countries fought on both wars and the countries didnt fight everyone on each other in both wars, WW2 was classified as a war world because it splitted most of it [Europe and USA joined it too] into 2 groups that fought each other: Allies and Axis.

Who fought the Peloponesian War?

the peloponnesian wars were fought by Athens (with the little countries with them) and Sparta

Is there a commodity today that countries have fought wars over?


How is the Cold War different from other wars Ex World War 2 and the Revolutionary War?

The cold war included no actual combat. It was fought with threats of nuclear warfare. Also fought with "proxy" wars. (Vietnam and Korea) The soviets supported North Korea, and the US supported South Korea. These were wars fought between the two countries through other countries.

In the Spanish American War what countries fought in these wars?

Spain and the US.

Where were both world wars fought?


How much money has the US given to countries you fought wars against to rebuild their countries?

too much

What wars did Italy fight in?

duck wars Italy fought in World War Two..