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Pepin, Charles Magno, Luis the pious, Charles the bald, Luis, Lotarium

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Q: Who are the rulers in carolingian empire?
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Who created the Carolingian Empire?

the carlolingian empire dissolved because

What is the relationship between the Middle Frankish Kingdom and the Holy Roman Empire?

The Middle Frankish Kingdom, or Middle Francia, was part of the Carolingian Empire, the empire established by Charlemagne. It had nothing to do with the Holy Roman Empire, which was established seventy-four years after the fall of the Carolingian Empire. Middle Francia was created with the division of this the Carolingian Empire into three parts. Each one was given to one of the three sons of Emperor Louis the Pious. Middle Francia was given to Lothair I the eldest son. It comprised Holland Belgium, eastern France from Belgium to the Mediterranean coast (Alsace, Lorraine, Burgundy/Bourgogne and Provence) and Italy. One of his brothers was given West Francia (the rest of France) and the other East Francia (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Lothair partitioned Middle Francia among his three sons.

Who crowned Charlemagne emperor?

Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Emperor in St. Peter's Basilica, in Rome, on December 25, 800 AD. At the time he crowned Charlemagne, he referred to the empire as the Roman Empire. Today, historians call Charlemagne's empire the Carolingian Empire, but at the time, people in Western Europe called it the Roman Empire, as Pope Leo III had. The people of the Byzantine Empire of the time, who had always called their country the Roman Empire, and would as long as it existed, were not very happy about this. The Carolingian Empire divided into France, and a country we call the Holy Roman Empire, but which called itself the Roman Empire for some time. If all this sounds confusing, imagine how it sounded to the people of the time. There are a links below.

The king of franceLothiar is a member of what dynasty?

Carolingian Dynasty

Where was charlemagnes empire?

Charlemagne's empire, which is called the Carolingian Empire, included the following present day territories:France, except for BrittanyBelgiumthe NetherlandsLuxembourgMost of GermanySwitzerlandmost of Austriapart of Croatiathe northern half of Italythe eastern parts of the Spanish PyreneesIn addition, there are areas to the east of these that are considered tributary.There is a link below to a map of Charlemagne's empire

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What Frankish ruler is associated with the Carolingian Renaissance?

The Carolingian rulers Charlemagne and Louis the Pious are the rulers associated with the Carolingian Renaissance.

Did Charlemagne find the Carolingian Empire?

No, Charlemagne founded the Carolingian Empire.

What is the name of the Charlemagne's empire?

It was called the Carolingian Empire.

What was the reign of the frankish rulers from 751-987 called?

Carolingian dynasty

Who created the Carolingian Empire?

the carlolingian empire dissolved because

What mountain ranges forms a natural border between the Carolingian Empire and Spain?

The Pyrenees mountain range forms a natural border between the Carolingian Empire and Spain.

When did the Carolingian Reign start?

The Carolingian or Carlovingian Reign started in 751, with Pippin the Elder. It lasted until 911 in Germany and 987 in France.

How did Frankish traditions weaken the Carolingian empire?

The tradition which weakened the Carolingian Empire was the partition of the empire among the sons of the emperor. This led to wars between the sons over territory, which was often also joined by other relatives.

Who created an empire and brought together scholars from around Europe?

It was Charlemagne. He created the Carolingian Empire.

When did the Franks establish their empire?

The Franks formally established their empire with the rise of the Carolingian Dynasty in 751.

What empire did Charlemagne find?

Charlemagne did not find an empire (find, meaning discover). He founded and empire (found, meaning begin building up). The empire he founded is called the Carolingian Empire. Depending on the historian whose works you read, the Carolingian Empire was either the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire, or ancestral to the Holy Roman Empire.

What area southeast of the Alphas did Charlemagne add to the Carolingian Empire?

Charlemagne added the region of Lombardy southeast of the Alphas to the Carolingian Empire. This expansion in 774 AD significantly increased the power and territorial reach of the empire under his rule.