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Q: Who are world leaders that promoted peace in the world?
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Had Buddhism promoted peace in Asia?

It has promoted peace in entire world.

How did the us promote world peace during the 1920s?

the promoted world peace by making a return to normalcy

What are some of the goals of American leaders?

World Peace

What are the four world leaders attended Versailles Peace conference?

the four world leaders that attended Versailles Peace Conference were: Woodrow Wilson, Vittorio Orlando, David Lloyd George, and George Clemenceau

What was the difference between the Axis leaders and the Allied leaders of World War 2?

Axis leaders were evil, power hungry, & wanted to take over the world. Allied leaders were good, believed in freedom, & wanted peace.

How do you know that Manchu's father did not advocate violence?

Manchu's father did not advocate violence because he promoted world peace.

The Iroquois promoted peace by doing what?

The Iroquois promoted peace through the establishment of the Great Law of Peace, which outlined principles for conflict resolution and diplomacy. They also held regular gatherings, known as the Great Council, where leaders from different tribes could discuss and resolve disputes peacefully. Additionally, they utilized wampum belts and strings as a symbolic way to communicate and solidify agreements.

How did Michael Jackson promote peace?

Michael promoted peace through his music.

Does China benefit from The Himalaya Mountains?

yes because it promoted ethnocentrism(nationalism) and provided peace and privacy from the outside world

What is John Lennon's significance to the world other than his musical accomplishments?

He promoted peace and stuff. He was against war and stuff.

How did the goals of the three leaders conflict at the Paris peace conference?

The way President Wilson differed from other world leaders at the Paris Peace Conference, he wanted lasting peace and fairness, the other three members wanted the central powers to pay.

What victorious leaders get to make the rules for peace World War 1?

Woodrow wilson is one.