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Charles VII became the holy Roman Emperor in 1519.

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Q: Who became holy roman emperor in 1519?
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Who was the man who became the first holy Roman Emperor?

Otto I was the first holy Roman emperor.

What title was Charlemagne given by Pope Leo III in 800AD?

He was given the title of Holy Roman Emperor.

Who was German Holy Roman Empire king elected in A.D. 983?

Otto III was elected King of Germany in 983. He became the Holy Roman Emperor in 896

How was the holy roman emperor power limited?

The Roman emperor had to answer to the pope.

When otto l freed the pope from the control of romans he was named?

When Otto I freed the Pope from the control of the Romans, he was named Holy Roman Emperor.

How many electors chose the emperor in the holy roman empire?

Seven electors chose the Holy Roman Emperor.

Who was the tenth century holy roman emperor?

Otto I the Great, Holy Roman Emperor (lived 912-973, reigned 936-973). The Holy Roman Emperor was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, a predecessor of numerous countries mainly in central Europe.

Who became king of Spain in 1516?

Carlos V, King of Spain, 1516-56, /Holy Roman Emperor

What were some accomplishments of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor?

Holy Roman Emperor and ruled alot of other places.

What war dismantled the Holy Roman Empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was abolished during the Napoleonic Wars, when Emperor Francis II abdicated after being defeated by Napoleon. The Treaty of Pressburg ended the Holy Roman Empire as it forced the Emperor to renounce his title as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, following which Napoleon created the Confederation of the Rhine, a French vassal state. This was replaced by the German Confederation after the Congress of Vienna, which then became the North German Confederation under Prussian dominance, which then became the German Empire, a single German state under a single monarch.

What year did Charlemagne become a king?

Charlemagne was crowned King in 768. He became sole ruler of the Franks in 771. He became Holy Roman Emperor in 800.

Why was Charles the Great nickname Holy Roman Empire?

hOly Roman Emperor was a title, not a nickname.