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Richard Hakluyt

it was John Cabot

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England was not discovered for America. America was not discovered for England.

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Richard Hakluyt

it was John Cabot

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Q: Who discovered England for America?
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Why was Stonehenge built in england?

Because America hadn't been discovered.

Venetian explorer in the service of England who discovered North America in 1492?


Which Venetian explorer discovered North America in service for England?

John Cabot John Cabot

Who claimed America for England?

John Cabot claimed North America for England in 1497.

Who sailed three times for england and once for the dutch and discovered the hudson bay in and canada and discovered the hudson river valley in America?

Henry Hudson.

Who was the venetian explorer in the service of England who discovered North America in 1497?

You are thinking of John Cabot.

What is history of America?

America was first discovered by Europeans in the 1600s, and they (primarily England) began to populate the country with colonists. These colonists eventually decided to separate from England, and the American Revolution resulted. The colonists won the Revolution, and the United States of America was formed.

Where was Osmium discovered?

Osmuium was discovered in London, England 1803. By Megan and Nicola.CIt was discovered in England but I dont Known where in England By Nicola Chatfield

Who was established first America or England?

England was a nation hundreds of years before the American Continent (North and South) was discovered in the 1490s, and the USA became a country in 1776.

Where in England was sodium discovered?

It is not known where exactly in England sodium was discovered. It was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1807.

When did Cabot discover land?

In 1497 John Cabot discovered parts of North America under the commission of Henry VII of England.

Why is Columbus such an important historical figure?

Because he discovered America and was recognized by the queen of England for it. (Even though they thought he had gotten to India).