Who invented ourworld the game?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Flowplay Inc. Invented it. But i have no idea WHO invented it other than flowplay.

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Q: Who invented ourworld the game?
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Who invtede ourworld?

if the question is who invented ourworld and i am assuming you mean the game, Flowplay

When did ourworld get invented?

OurWorld.Com got invented in 2008.

Is ourworld a game?

ourWorld is a social game where teens can interact in a virtual world! You can learn more about outWorld by visiting this site --

Who made ourworld game?

krista jolie made ourworld

Are there any kind of games like smallworlds?

OurWorld is a game like Smallworlds.

Where is otto in game ourworld?

he is in his condo!

Who made the game called ourWorld?

Skie Pie and D0R4 has made the game called ourWorld. They made that game because they thing that they should make a little bit more fun game.

Did facebook make ourworld the game?

yes yesy it did

What game is like ourworld?

I think YoVille on Facebook and SmallWorlds closely parallel ourWorld. Google them up! als whireld

Is their another website for ourworld?

Well, if you are reffering to the game OurWorld, there is and There are probably more, though. Hope this helps :)

Does ourworld have a virus?

ourWorld does not have a virus, it is a flash game (like if you go to, and it is impossible for a virus to linger on a flash application.

Are they any glithes for ourworld?

There are several glitches in ourWorld. Or bugs, rather. Since the game is regularly being updated, bugs are sometimes found and players can exploit the system! to learn more on ourWorld, visit this site --