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Q: Who led the mongol armies that invaded china?
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Led the Mongol armies that invaded China.?

Genghis Khan

Who led the attack against mongols and defeated them?

In 1368, Toghun Temur was the Mongol emperor in China. There was internal rebellion. Zhu Yuanzhang expanded his rule to Guangzhou. He invaded Beijing, the Mongol capital. In 1387, he completely freed China from the Mongol rule and founded a new dynasty called 'the Ming'

What were mongol armies led into russia by batu known as?

The mongols were known as the Golden Horde

What mongol leader led his forces to victory over the song army of china in 1279 which set in place mongol control of china?


What was one of the actions that led to the World War 2?

Germany invaded Poland and Japan invaded China.

Who led the forces of china's civil war?

Mao led the Red Chinese armies and Chang Kai Shek led the Nationalist Chinese Armies during the Communist Chinese Revolution of 1949.

What events in Asia led to the bombing of pearl harbor?

The Axis invaded Poland Ethopia and China

What led directly to the formation of the Mongol empire?

the forceful unification of Mongol tribes by Termujin the kidnapping of Termujin's wife by a Mongol tribe the payment of tributes to the Mongol army the invention of trebuchet by Mongol engineers One of these four!

What led the Mongol Empire to decline?

The short answer is: infighting and the plague.

Typhoon winds led to the failed Mongol invasions of .?


What changed in china due to the boxer rebellion?

It led to a revolt against the Chinese imperial government,

What led to the Mongol Empire system of administering its territories led to?

a period of peace and economic prosperity