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The ruler of the Qin Dynasty, Shi Huangdi, founded which political philosophy?

A. Legalism

B. Confucianism

C. Daoism

D. Mohism

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Q: Who ruler of the Qin Dynasty Shi Huangdi founded which political philosophy Legalism Confucianism Daoism Mohism?
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Who founded the Carolingian dynasty?

As a powerful political family, the Carolingian Dynasty was founded by Pippin the Elder, who lived from about 580 to 640 AD. The Carolingian Dynasty was named after Charles Martel, who was the Mayor of the Palace and lived from 681 to 741. As a dynasty of kings, the first of the Carolingian Dynasty was Pepin the Short, who lived from 714 to 768, and was crowned king in 752. As a dynasty of emperors, the first of the Carolingian Dynasty was Charlemagne, who lived from about 742 to 814, was crowned king in 768 and emperor in 800. There is a link below.

What are some cultural achievements made by Muslim scholars?

Muslim scholars made cultural achievements during the golden age under the Abbasid Dynasty. These included calligraphy, architecture, literature, and philosophy.

What were the achievements of the han emperor wudi?

Wudi expanded China's borders and started the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty of China. Expansions were done through many military conquests, but contact with the outer world through these expeditions started trade on the Silk Road, connecting the east with the west. Wudi also made Confucianism the official religion of the state in his reign. He was also a scary man he smelled too i hate social studies..

How did the term Mandate of Heaven guarantee political stability in ancient China?

Term used in Ancient China; The Zhou dynasty (1045-256 b.c.) believed in ruling by the power of God. God told the people who was supposed to be the leaders and/or rulers of the Dynasty. An idea that justified Chinese dynasties

The dynasty that was founded when the Mongols were driven from China was the dynasty.?


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When Ruler of the Qin Dynasty Shi Huangdi founded which political philosophy?

Shi Huangdi founded Legalism as the political philosophy of the Qin Dynasty. Legalism emphasized strict laws, harsh punishments, and centralized control by the ruler in order to maintain social order and stability.

What is the combination of legalism and Confucianism which the Han Dynasty implemented as its ruling ideology called?

imperial confucianism

China Han Dynasty religion?

It started out as legalism, then it swayed to Confucianism.

Why were Confucianism and daoism and legalism develops when they were?

Because the zhou dynasty wanted to maintain power

Why wer Confucianism daoism and legalism developed when they were?

Because the zhou dynasty wanted to maintain power

Is Buddhism the religion in the Qing Dynasty?

no, they did not allow anything but the philosophy of legalism

Which Chinese philosophy formed the basis for Korea government during the tang dynasty?


What are the similarities and differences between legalism and Confucianism?

they all were a part of Ancient Chin's history during the Han dynasty

What dynasty created 3 different religions Confucianism Legalism and Daoism?

Zhou Dynasty; during the period of warring states, these three philosophies came about

Who made the Shang Dynasty laws?

The laws were made by the philosophy of Confucianism.

What philosophy guided china during thr Han Dynasty?


Did Han emperors based their rule on the teachings of Confucius?

Yes, the Han Dynasty agreed with Confucianism.