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his father was bernard frobisher a Yorkshire merchant his mom was Elizabethan merchant

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Q: Who was in sir Martin frobisher's family?
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What is sir Martin frobishers wife?

Martin Frobisher had two wifes. Their names were Dorthay and Isabel. I hope this helped!!

What is Martin Frobishers real name?


What was martin frobishers hard ships?

he was in many wars

What was martin frobishers route?

from east of Romania to west of Asia

What was the purpose of Martin Frobishers exploration?

because he was married to the queen and he wanted to make her happy.

What careers did Martin Frobisher have?

He was a navigator. Navigator : Travel often on sea and search for new routes, land, make religon, find new products, trade etc..

Did sir Martin frobisher have parents?

yes sir martin did have parents

Who invented the trapezium?

Sir Martin Luther Sir Martin Luther

When did sir Martin frobisher die?

Sir Martin Frobisher died on 1594 November 15th.

When was Sir Martin Gilbert born?

Sir Martin Gilbert was born on October 25, 1936.

What is Sir Martin Gilbert's birthday?

Sir Martin Gilbert was born on October 25, 1936.

Why was Martin frobisher known as sir Martin frobisher?

His name is called Sir Martin Frobisher, is because he is a man not a women, if it was a women it would be called'' Madam Martin Frobisher.