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John Burgoyne

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Johnny Ramensky.

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Q: Who was nicknamed Gentleman Johnny?
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Who was nicknamed gentleman johnny who captured fort Ticonderoga's?

The British General John Burgoyne

General nicknamed gentleman johnny?

General John Burgoyne (24 February 1722 - 4 August 1792)

Which president is nicknamed the gentleman boss?

Chester Alan Arthur

Who was gentleman johnny?

John Burgoyne

You were known by the nickname Gentleman Johnny you captured Fort Ticonderoga?

Johnny ramensky

You were known by the nickname Gentleman Johnny?

John Burgoyne

Which philadelphia eagle is nicknamed Spider-Man?

Johnny Hammerstix

Did General Burgoyne have a nickname?

Burgoyne's Nickname was 'Gentleman Johnny'

Who surrendered in the Battle of Saratoga?

"Gentleman" Johnny Burgoyne surrendered.

What was the nickname of the British general John Burgoyne?

Gentleman Johnny

Which alcoholics spirits label or logo has a walking gentleman on it?

Johnny Walker.

What former Leaf goalie was nicknamed the Great Wall of China?

Hall of Famer Johnny Bower.