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Joseph Marie Jacquard (7 July 1752-7 August 1834)

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Q: Who was the French inventor of the power loom?
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Who invented a power loom that could create complex patterns?

A power loom that can create a complex pattern is created by a French inventor named Joseph Jacquard. Jacquard Loom created the mechanical loom in the year 1801.

Who is the french inventor of a power loom for weaving textiles?

Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801.

Who was English inventor of power loom?

Edmund Cartwright invented a power loom in 1785.

French inventor of a power loom specially equipped for weaving figured textiles and controlled by a punched paper strips?


Inventor of the power loom in 1785?

Edmund Cartwright

English inventor of the power loom in 1785?

Edmund Cartwright

English inventor of power loom?

Rev Edmund Cartwright

How did the power loom affect the production industry?

The power loom was a steam-powered, mechanically operated version of a regular loom, an invention that combined threads to make cloth. In 1785, Edmund Cartwright patented the first power loom and set up a factory in Doncaster, England to manufacture cloth. A prolific inventor, Edmund Cartwright also invented a wool-combing machine in 1789, continued to improve his power loom, invented a steam engine that used alcohol and a machine for making rope in 1797, and aided Robert Fulton with his steamboats. Cartwright's power loom needed to be improved upon and several inventors did just that. It was improved upon by William Horrocks, the inventor of the variable speed batton (1813) and American, Francis Cabot Lowell. The power loom became commonly used after 1820.

Who was the inventor of the weaving loom?

Joseph Marie Charles Jacquard

Who did the power loom help?

The power loom helped the Americans and the econmoy

When did Power-loom riots happen?

Power-loom riots happened in 1826.

What is the difference between auto loom and power loom?

Power loom is a type of loom which is operated by power and the other side auto loom has so many automatic function,sensor and thus output of auto looms are more finer than Power loom.We can get less weaving defect in auto loom fabric.