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It was the harbor at Pago Pago.

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Q: Who was the US naval base in Samoa?
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What was the name of the US naval base in Samoa during the Spanish American War?

There was no US Naval Base in Hawaii during the Spanish-American War. Naval operations commenced there in 1899, with a coaling station at Honolulu. The coral reef blocking the entrance to Pearl River (Pearl Harbor) was dredged between 1901 and 1905, and the passageway deepened in 1908.

What did we eventually gain from Samoa after purchasing it?

???.... You did not "purchase" Samoa. Samoa is an independent state and was never even occupied by the U.S! If you're talking about American Samoa, then that's different. You didnt purchase American Samoa either though. The U.S occupied American Samoa for the naval base in Pago Pago.

What two prime naval harbors did the US acquire in Samoa and Hawaii?

Hawaii- Pearl Harbor

What is the name of the only US military base in Cuba?

The name of the only US military base in Cuba is Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

Is there a US naval base in Barcelona Spain?


How is the US similar to Samoa?

um well its not. but samoa is a u.s. territory and there is a military base located there and is a place strategically located

Why is Samoa not called western Samoa?

It used to be one whole country. Samoa. Until world war I when the US occupied American Samoa for its naval base in Pago Pago, and Western Samoa was occupied by Germany, and then NZ. Now, Samoa (no longer called Western Samoa) is an independent country, whereas American Samoa is still a US territory (but is governed by Samoan representatives and a Samoan Governor). So now there is American Samoa and Samoa.

Why was the US naval base built at Pearl Harbor?

Not sure weiner

Where was the us naval base before it was in pearl harbor?

Fairfield, CT

What type of base was it that the US had at pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a naval base, and was classified as a lagoon harbor.

In 1991 and 1992 US clark air base and subic bay naval base in the philippienes were?


In 1991 and 1992 us clark air base and subic bay naval base in the Philippines were?