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Q: Who was the explorer that prove the world was round?
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Where did christopher cloumbus explorer?

All around the world to prove it was round

Who proved that the world is round?

The Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan and the Spanish fleet, proved the world was round. They were the first to circumnavigate around the world and complete the first voyage around the world.

Who is Christopher Colombus?

Christopher Colombus was an Italian explorer who wanted to prove to the king and queen in Spain that the world was round so he went on a journey to prove it. he sailed on 3 ships santa maria, Nina, and the Pinta.

What is the direct evidence that the world is round?

direct evidence there are pictures from space to prove that the world is round

Why did Christopher Columbus have his voyage?

To prove the world was round

What did Magellan sail for?

Magellan sailed to prove that the world was round

Which explorer went round the world in 1577?

Sir Francis Drake.

What was the reason for Ferdinand Magellan's trip?

To prove he earth/world was round.

Why did christopher Columbus find a colony in the Caribbean?

He wanted to prove that the world is round.

What was Columbus main reason for sailing the Atlantic?

he want to prove that the world was round and not flat

Was Marco Polo an explorer in the new world?

Marco Polo is not regarded as an explorer in the new world. There are no official documents that prove he travelled to American and Oceania. Marco Polo only explored Europe to Asia.

Which explorer discovered the world was round?

No one. The explorers all ready knew the earth was round well before they began exploring. This is a fable that they didn't know.