Who was the first mentor?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Since that word is an eponym (a common noun made from a proper noun), the first mentor was clearly Mentor, the mentor of Telemachus.

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Q: Who was the first mentor?
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Who was Ciara's first mentor?

Janet Jackson was Ciara's first mentor.

Who was the first Mentor on WikiAnswers?

Well, Chris Whitten was the founder of so unofficially he was the first mentor. But, Officially Deb was the first Mentor.

Who was Ciara's mentor?

Janet Jackson was Ciara's first mentor.

Who was dustpelts mentor?

First it was Redtail then it was Darkstripe when Redtail died.

How do you use mentor in a sentence?

"Mentor" can be a noun or verb. The following sentences provide examples of its use:Noun: Sarah was my mentor that first year.Verb: Experienced staff members were expected to mentor the new employees.

Who was BlueStar's mentor?

At first Bluepaw's(star's) mentor is Stonepelt, but then Stonepelt got injured and moved to the elder's den. Then her mentor is Sunfall, which was the Clan deputy at that time, he later became Sunstar.

How do you become a mentor on

Well, through the information I've gathered, those who want to become a mentor of course first needs to start as a Supervisor. Then must go through the mentoring program themselves, graduate, and in hopes if he or she wants to become a mentor, the protege's mentor will request it.

How do you beat the first mission on hero smash for mystery mentor?

It is quite simple really. Beat the Corporal Building saga and the mystery mentor will be available.

What sentence can you write with the word mentor?

First, a mentor refers to someone (often an older person) who guides, advises, and provides encouragement (often to a younger person). It can be a noun (a mentor) or it can be a verb (to mentor someone). A sentence: The players thought that Mr. Davies was more than just their coach: they saw him as a mentor, someone they could turn to when they needed good advice.

Where is the Mentor Public Library in Mentor located?

The address of the Mentor Public Library is: 8215 Mentor Ave., Mentor, 44060 5786

What is a sentence for mentor?

he is a great Mentor. A mentor must be loved by students.

Did Thomas Jefferson have a mentor?

No, why would he have a mentor? His mentor would be his father.