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Well, I think, it was King George VI. At that time, queen elizabeth was still working at the artillery reparation workshop.

George VI was King of England from 1936-52

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Q: Who was the king of England at the outbreak of World War two?
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What three nations are associated as the allies at the outbreak of world war 1?

England, France and Russia.

Who was the Australian prime minister of outbreak of world war 2?

The Australian Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War 2 was Robert Gordon Menzies.

Who was the king of England in World War I?

George V

The country whose takeover by Germany led to the outbreak of world war 2?

Germany declared war on Poland, which led to England and France declaring war on Germany.

Who was prime minister of England at the start of World War 2?

The Prime Minister of the UK at the outbreak of war on 3rd September 1939 was Neville Chamberlain (Con)

Who was king or queen of UK time of world war 2?

George VI was King of England during the entire time of World War II.

Who was king of England at the end of World War 2?

George VI

How old was Robert Frost when he decided to move to England?

Robert Frost was 38 when he and his family moved to England. But partly due to the outbreak of World War I, they returned to the US in 1915.

Was there a king in England when World War 2 started?

There was a King of the United Kingdom, King George 6th. There has not been a King specifically of England since the Act of Union in 1707.

Name the emperor of England during world war 1?

England has kings and queens, not emperors. In WWI King George V was king.

How did people hear about the outbreak of World War 2?

News regarding the outbreak of war came mostly from the radio .

What was one of the reasons for the outbreak of the hundreds years war?

This one is easy, the 100 year War started because the French wanted to retake the land that the English had in mainland Europe. The last straw for the French was when England claimed its king, King of France.