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Q: Who was the national socialist leader during world war 1?
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What was the national socialist party in Germany during world war 1?

nazi is the answer

Who was the leader during World War 1?

There was no single leader during WW1. Each country had their own leader.

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union in the World War 2?

Joseph Stalin (aka Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili) was the paramount leader of the USSR who held the position of: General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Premier of the USSR Marshal of the Soviet Union (aka Generalissimo) during the Second World War.

Who was the leader of the US during most of the world war ii?

FDR served as POTUS during WWII.

What was the German leader during world war 2?

Adolf Hitler the Fuhrer

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Who was the political leader of Germany just before and during World War 2?

Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist - or Nazi - party.

What was the national socialist party in Germany during world war 1?

nazi is the answer

Which Pacifist and Socialist Party leader was jailed during World War 1?

Ben Salmon

Who was the Nazi leader in World War I?

As the Nazi party - National Socialist German Workers' Party - did not come into being until after World War 1 there was no Nazi leader in WW 1

Who was in charge of the national socialist party in ww2?

What you are asking is: "Who was the head of the National Democratic Socialist Workers Party of Germany during World War II", and the answer is Adolph Hitler. If by chance you actually meant "Who was in charge of the SS during World War II?" the answer is Heinrich Himmler.

What did the Nazis have to do with World War II?

National Socialist, in the German language is Nazional Sozialist. The abbreviation for this, used by its members, was 'Nazi'. The German government of the day was the National Socialist Party and its leader was Adolf Hitler, hence the Nazis had everything to do with WWII.

What was the ruling party of Germany during World War 2?

The National Socialist German Workers Party or NSDAP and commonly called the Nazi Party.

What was the national socialist party in world war 2?

The Nazis

Was the national government of Germany during World War 2 the Nazis or something else?

The Nazis were a political party, Nazional Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiteren Partei (National Socialist German Workers Party). The government system that they put in place after they got rid of the constitution was called a National Socialist government. Michael Montagne

What did Hitler and the Nazi party want to retake?

The German leader Adolf Hitler and his political group-the National Socialist (or Nazi) party-wanted to retake German land lost after World War I.

What was the rising party for Germany in the world war?

National Socialist Party or Nazis

What was Marxist during World War 2?

The World Socialist Movement.