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Fureture President: Herbert Hoover

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Q: Who was the nations food administrator during World War 1?
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Who was the US food administrator during World War 1?

Herbert Hoover

What was the war associated with Herbert Hoover?

Herbert Hoover was the U. S. Food Administrator during World War Two and was also in Peking during the Boxer Rebellion, but no war occurred during his presidency.

What does UNWFP stand for?

The United Nations World Food Programme.

What is wfp un?

World Food Programme United Nations

Does Mexico grow carrots?

Yes. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations), Mexico is the 18th largest carrot producer in the world, with 404,726 tonnes produced during 2011.

What is the worlds largest food distribution organization?

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the world's largest food distribution organization. It is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and works to provide food assistance to millions of people in need around the world.

When did the world food programme start up?

The World Food Program is an agency with the United Nations, working to combat hunger in the world. It was founded in December of 1961. It is headquartered in Rome.

Where is the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations?

The World Health Organization, which is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Who is Herbert the food administrator?

Herbert Hoover, u.s. president

The Russian Revolution in February 1917 was caused at least in part by what factors?

Food shortages and heavy casualties during World War I

Why was food rationed in Britain during World War 2?

cos we had no food

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