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they want there political fredom back and this is because they are tired of exploitatin of there resouces.

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The Europeans exploited Africa's land and people.

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Q: Why African countries fight for their independence?
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African leaders were encouraged to seek their own independence based on the example of the independence movement in?

The fight for independence in African countries was directly inspired by the independence movement in India. However, Africa did not always adopt the non-violent methods used by India.

What was the African independence movement?

The African Independence Movement was basically a fight for all African Americans to be fairly and equally treated!

What did the African nationalist movements fight for?


Why did African American fight for and against independence from great Britain?

how the american colonist eork together against great britian to fight for independence

Why did some African nations not have to fight for independence?

Because they're pimps

How many African countries gained independence in 1960?

This country gained its independence from Britain in 1960.

Who wanted to fight the British for independence?

Several countries across the world that Britain had colonised wanted to fight for independence

Which african countries maintained independence and non-interference by europe?


Following independence almost all African countries?

plural societies

What have North African countries tried to build since their independence?

a Government

Which countries did american's fight to get independence?

America fought England for her independance.

Why didnt European countries fight for their African colonies?

Post war countries were weakened.