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People think is is right because if everyone was being treated equally, why would it matter if they were seperated.

Too see why segergation is wrong, review the following:

In the Supreme Court ruling Brown vs Board of Education,the Supreme Court overuled the original ruling in Homer vs. Plessey, that previously stated that as long as the students were being treated equally, it did not matter whether they were seperated. The reason the Supreme Court overturned their ruling is because in a perfect world were everything was equal (In this case it was rarely ever equal) the African-American students would always ask the question, "If everything is equal, than why are we seperate?" They would eventually draw the conclusion that even though it is equal, it still shows race superiority over the African-Americans.

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It depends on what kind of segregation. Such sweeping statements fail to take into account many things.

Segregation on grounds of race is through ignorance, fear and profit.

With most most moral or ethic codes this would be viewed as unfair treatment.

Most are for segregation of people with easily transmittable infectious fatal diseases. Most would see this as sensible and reasonable.

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Q: Why are people against segregation?
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that segregation in schools was against the constitutionThat there should not be separate schools for black and white studentsThat schools should be desegregated.

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