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Frederick Douglas desired freedom for all African American slaves because he believed the people deserved to be treated as equals. He found the conditions and the concept of slavery appalling.

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Freedome to Fredrick Douglas means a place where you are not scared of being taken back into bondage. Fredrick Douglas does not believe anywhere in the U.S is free because there is always the chance that a black man can be taken back into slavery because of the Fugative SLave Laws and the Dred Scott case. Freedom is being able to make your own decisions and have rights equal to all others.

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Q: Why did Frederick Douglass want to be free?
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What did Frederick?

Frederick Douglass was a soldier in the Civil War. Frederick Douglass was an African American solider fighting to free his people.

What was Frederick Douglass whole name?

Frederick Douglas real name was Frederick agustus Washington bailey later it became Frederick Douglas

Why did Frederick Douglass want to free the slave?

He was a former slave and wanted to see his fellow brothers and sisters in slavery freed.

What prompted frederick douglass to want to escape?


How was Frederick Douglass able to directly use literacy against his slaveholders and free himself?

Frederick Douglass was able to use the doctrines of liberalism and nationalism.

Were Frederick Douglass' children born into slavery?

No. At the time of the birth of his children, Frederick Douglass was living in a free state, so his children were not born into slavery. With the help of British supporters, Frederick Douglass was able to purchase his freedom in 1847.

Is Frederick douglass single?

No, Frederick douglass is not single.

What was Frederick Douglass political views?

his political review was to free slaves.

Was Helen pitts Douglass a African American?

No. Helen Pitts Douglass was white. She is the second wife of Frederick Douglass. They were married in 1884 until Frederick Douglass' death in 1895. Helen Pitts Douglass went to great lengths to make sure Frederick Douglass' home in Washington DC, called Cedar Hill, was preserved as a monument to Frederick Douglass and open to the public. Frederick Douglass' first wife Anna Murray Douglass was African American. Anna was a free black woman who helped Frederick escape from slavery. They were married in 1838 and had 5 children. She died in 1882.

Did Frederick Douglass accomplish what most slave accomplish in their lifetime?

He accomplish to free African Americans from slavery in the south.

Which abolitionist preached that violence would be necessary in the to free slaves?

Frederick Douglass

Did Frederick Douglass marry?

Frederick Douglass married to Anna Murray in 1838 Frederick douglass married to Helen Pitts in 1884