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He wanted the money, and adventure.

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Q: Why did Jacques cartier come to the new world?
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Who did Jacques Cartier find in the new world?


What impact did Jacques Cartier have on the new world?

None at all

The French claim to the New World was established by?

Jacques cartier

Why did they send Jacques cartier to the new world?

because he had to search for new land

Who was the first to claim land in the new world for France?

Jacques cartier

Which explorer had support from France to explore the New World?

The Answer Is Jacques Cartier

Why is Jacques Cartier voyage to the New World significant?

because he had to search for new land

Why is Jacques Cartier an important person in the development of New France?

why is Jacques Cartier important to the development of new France

Which explorer established France claim to territory in the New World?

Jacques Cartier

What was Jacques Cartier sent to the New World to look for and what did he find?

he found boobys

Which explorer was the first to claim land in new world for France?

Jacques Cartier

Why did King Francis 1 sponsor Jacques Cartier?

To enter the new world