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The ships' biscuits became infested with beetles because nobody had found a method of preventing the beetles getting into the biscuits. This continued for hundreds of years after the Tudors.

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Q: Why did Tudor explorers eat sea biscuit with beetles in it?
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Why did women in Tudor times deliberately try to blacken their teeth?

It was a sign of luxury, it meant that they could afford to buy and eat sugar - which would in turn rot their teeth

What food did they eat in the Tudor times?

Bread which would be coarse for the poor and manchet (white) for the rich, cheese and lots of meat. They would drink ale or small beer with this and that would be pretty much the same for royalty and the poor however the quantity of food would be much greater if you were rich.

What food did the European explorers eat?

Because there were no refrigerators, and the canning process wasn't invented until the 1800's, European explorers had to eat foods that lasted a long time. Hard biscuits, dried peas, and dried meat were the primary foods. However, the complete lack of fresh food caused many sailors to develop scurvy, a life threatening deficiency of Vitamin C. In the 1700's, British sailors began to drink lime juice in order to prevent scurvy, earning them the nickname "Limeys."Because water was generally filthy in European cities, it was believed, at least into the 1600's, that water made people sick. Therefor, on ships, as well as on land, people primarily drank beer.The European explorers ate fish, meat of cows.They took along provisions for the journey. However, as provisions ran out, they ate just about anything that was available. The Lewis and Clark expedition for example ate "mostly elk meat (often somewhat spoiled) plus occasional wapato roots, dried berries, whale blubber and fish that they bought from the American Indians."Things like bread, beef, lamb, root vegetables, stuff like that. Think of what you'd have if you were on a low income.

What did people drink and eat in the 1500's?

Kings and Queens in Tudor times ate a lot of meat. Beef and Venison were staples. After the discovery of America sugar was introduced in England and it was all the rage for upper classes to display blackened teeth! Lamprey Pie was a specialty served during Christmas as well as the traditional Pudding.

What boo like?

Tudor ships were HUGE things and are tricky to handle as you were on the edge of dying, and it was hard to steer the boat because the boat goes the opposite way. The sailors kept cats on board to catch the rats, and if all the food has gone, and all the rats, the cat goes aswell. The most deadlyest illness was scurvy, they got this because they did not eat any vitamin c. Their teeth fell out, so they could not eat anything. Their gums went black and they had blisters all over their legs. The ships were made light so they could easyly get put in the water, and they put rocks and stones in the keel to keep the boat afloat.They would find new lands and raid countrys for treasures. I hope I answered your question!

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