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Business men would want slaves to work on their plantations. They wouldn't get paid so it was free labour.

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Q: Why did people want slaves in the south?
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Did the south want slaves?

Slaves could do all the work that they did not wanna do for them. They were also very cheap so more people decided to buy them.

Why did the north not want to keep the slaves?

Slaves weren't needed. The reasons slaves were used in the south they had large plantations that needed people to work, plant, pick cotton, and do other things. The economy between the south and the north was totally different.

Why did the south th ink slaves were important?

Slaves were used in the cotton industry. The South made a fortune off of their slaves. After the cotton gin (which removed seeds from cotton) was invented, the South made a great deal of money off of their slaves. Slaves were treated like farm animals and beasts of burden. Not as people. Freeing the slaves would have meant giving up a lot of money, and the South did not want to lose such a valuable resource. Of course, as a result of the Civil War to keep the country united and to free Human slaves, the South paid dearly for keeping people in bondage.

How did sectionals lead to the civil war?

Because the south wanted slaves and the North did not want slaves.

What did the people in the south believe?

they wanted to have slaves

How sectionalism helped to lead to the Civil War.?

Because the south wanted slaves and the North did not want slaves.

Of the nine million people in the south how many of them were slaves?

Out of the 9 million people in the Confederacy, 3.5 million of them were slaves.

Did everyone in the south own slaves?

No actually only a small amount of people actually did own slaves but those who did ran huge plantations, also the amount of people that owned slaves also greatly increased after the invention of the cotton gin which made cotton the main cash crop in the south causing many farmers to want to buy slaves.

How did people in the south react when their slaves rioted?

Slave owners treated slaves more harshly .

Who used cheap labor in the south?

rich people or slaves

_______ people were slaves in the South around 1860.?

one out of three

People were slaves in the South around 1860.?

one out of three