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I think they were brought to work on the rail roads, and maybe just to find a better life.

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It is so simple! Chinese came to India because they wanted to.

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Q: Why did the Chinese came to India?
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Why did dalai lama came to india?

He cam to India to escape the Communist Chinese invasion.

Name the Chinese pilgrims who came to India?

fa-hien,huan sung

Chinese travellers which came to India?

i only know the name of a few - Fa Xian (who came to India about 1600 years ago), Xuan Zang (who came to India about 1400 years ago), I-Qing (who came to India about 50 years after Xuan Zang).

Who was the king when fa hien had visited India?

fahien was a chinese buddhist monk who came to india during the year 399 A.D. He came to india to study buddhisim but later was interested in the country itself

Who was Xuan Zang?

a famous chinese pilgrim which came to india to worship buddha about 1600 years ago

What Chinese dynasty invented chess?

The game of chess came out of India or Persia, not China. A link can be found below.

Why the asians came to the Caribbean?

The Indians from India, were bought over by the British as indentured servants. The Chinese were there to establish businesses.

What language did algebra originate from?

The word "algebra" came from the Arabic "al-jabr," meaning restoration. But algebra itself came earlier from India, the ancient Babylonians, Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians.

How did Chinese people learn of Buddhism?

The Chinese people learned of Buddhism because of monks and traders.

When did east India company came?

The east India company came to India in 1600

When did parsee came in India?

PArsis came in India in 10th century

When Nokia phones came in India?

when Nokia phone came in India