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The Bolshevik Revolution was primarily motivated by opposition to Russia's involvement in WW I. Most of the people in Russia thought that it was senseless for Russians to give their lives to defend France from Germany. This struggle, which was so desperate and costly, seemed to have little relevance to Russia.

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Q: Why did the communists oppose World War 1?
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Why did German women oppose World War I?

I'm puzzled by the question. German women did not 'oppose World War 1'.

What were the aims of the Communists in World War 1?

To take over all of Europe

What did World War 1 give communists?

Russia. (The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917).

What did Nicholas II do after World War 1?

He was killed by the communists along with his family.

Why did russia dropped out of the eastern front in World War I?

the Russian Revolution and the Communist takeover. the communists did not like world war 1

Who blamed Jewish people intellectuals and communists for germanys problems after world war 1?

Adolf Hitler

Why did the Jewish people oppose World War I?

There was no 'Jewish' opposition to World War 1. On the contrary, Jews fought bravely in the armies of the various countries that they belonged to.

What country left world war one early and why?

Russia left early from World War 1 because of the revolution there. They had to try to stop the Bolshiveks / communists.

Who used the US postal service to oppose World War 1 with anti-draft letters?

Charles Schneck

Why did Quakers oppose World War 1?

I think it is because Quakers fight with peace, not violence. They try to make it peaceful I think.

Who was arrested for using the U.S. Postal Service to oppose World War 1.?

Charles Shenck, Secretary Of The Socialist Party Of America

Did Nicola Sacco oppose World War 1 and use the postal service to urge men not to respond to draft notices?