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There are so many characters in the Chinese language that it was difficult to move them.

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Q: Why did the invention of printing not have significant impact on Chinese society like the printing press invented Europe did?
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Who invented the printing?

The Chinese invented printing. They invented it with wood blocks

What invention helped make literature more available and more popular in ancient China?

The Chinese invented both paper and the technique for book-binding.

What was a Chinese invention during its Golden Age?

Block Printing

Who invanted block printing?

The Chinese invented block printing. However, some say that the Koreans invented it, and the Chinese just improved it.

What did Johannesburg Gutenberg invent?

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 15th century. This invention revolutionized the way information was shared and contributed to the spread of knowledge and literacy throughout Europe.

What kind kind of printing was invented by the tang Chinese?

Block printing.

What culture invented the printing press?


Is paper an invention?

Yes it was invented by the Chinese

Who invented wood-block printing?

The Chinese created. Ching Chong.

What are China's invention?

the chinese invented gunpower and fireworks

Who are famous block printing artists?

Although ylindrical seals were used to imprint clay tablets in Mesopotamia as early as 3,000 BCE, actual block printing was estimated to officially have been invented sometime before 220 CE. Many believe that the Chinese invented block printing, some historians credit the Koreans for the original invention; the Chinese might have adapted the system from the Koreans.

Why was the invention of printing so important to the Chinese?

so they can save the memories and hold it long as they can