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It was too late. Voldemort already knew where the Elder Wand was and was going to get it.

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Q: Why didn't Harry stop Voldemort from taking the Elder Wand?
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In the 7th Harry Potter book if Harry is the true master of the Elder wand how come Voldemort was able to kill Harry with the wand?

because the Elder wand can be forced to kill its owner like another wand could be forced to kill its owner. but voldemort did not kill harry with the wand he just killed a part of his own soul because harry didnt try to defend himself.

Is harry potter owner of the leder wand explain how harry had possesion of the elder wand?

The night in the astronomytower Draco disarmed Dumbledore meaning he possesed the elder wand and snape killed dumbledore but the wand is Draco's So he didnt own the wand as he killed dumble dore and then harry disarmed draco in deathly hallows part 1 so the wand is Harry's and in Part 2 Voldemort thinking it was snape's killed him and he thought that the elder wand was his and when they dueled Harry and Voldemort, Voldemort hit harry with the killing curse but The wand Don't dare to kill its owner so it flew to harry himself

If Harry Potter was the 7th horcrux why didnt he die?

Voldemort tried to kill him using the Elder's Wand which saw Harry as it's master, so it refused to harm Harry (this is suggested when after Harry returned and Voldemort used Crucio on him and he didn't feel any pain, as well as during the final battle when Voldemort's spell rebounded and killed him instead of Harry). So when Harry died, he may have only died because the part of Voldemort's soul did (as the Elder's Wand wouldn't view it as it's master), so the killing curse may not have actually kill him but still affected him because both Harry's and Voldemort's souls were connected. It is mentioned though that Harry had the choice of whether or not to come back. When Harry did come back, Voldemort's soul didn't come back with him, so he wasn't a Horcrux anymore.

Why does Voldemort kill himself?

He doesn't. Actually he does but it is an accident.. When Voldemort had the elder wand he did not know that even though he had possession of it he did not hold the power to it.... let me explain When Snape agreed with dumbledore to kill dumbledore it was a agreement planned so the power of the elder wand would have stayed with dumbledore but when Draco disarmed Albus up on the astronomy tower he took possession of the elder wand then when harry took dracos wand in malfoy manor he took possession of the power of the elder wand.... so what happened was the elder wand would not kill harry cause harry was it's true master so it rebounded and hit voldemort... there fore that was how voldemoret died

How does Voldemort kill Harry Potter in the Deathly Hallows?

Harry only partly dies. Voldemort didnt know there was a horcrux inside of Harry so voldemort only killed the horcrux inside him

Did Dumbledore really plan for Harry to die at the hands of Voldemort and if so why didnt he have to in order to defeat Voldemort?

Yes, and because of Harry's blood that was in Voldemort's artificial body -- that created a special connection between the two of them, giving a Harry a chance not to die when the horcrux in him got destroyed.

How did Harry Potter risk his life for others?

Well he went and let Voldemort kill him didnt he :L

Did nevill kill voldermourt?

Well, in the movie, Neville destroyed one of the horcruxes, Nagini, which was Voldemorts snake, which made Voldemort mortal again. But since the elder wand, which was the wand that Voldemort was using when he was dueling with Harry, belonged to Harry since in the sixth book Draco disarmed Dumbledore but in the seventh movie part 2, Harry disarmed Draco in the room of requirement, so the elder wand became Harrys. Therefore, when Voldemort tried to use the unforgivable curse, Avada Kedavra, on Harry it backfired on him because Harry was the owner of the wand therefore any curse used against him with that wand would not work and would backfire to the person holding his wand. So, Voldemort ended up killing himself but Harry sort of helped because the wand belonged to him and the spell rebounded off of him. So Neville didnt kill Voldemort but helped in the process of doing it.

Does Harry Potter jump off a cliff with Voldemort?

To kill him. If one died the other would survive.

In Harry Potter there's only supposed to be 7 parts of Voldemort's soul but theres 8 The locket ring diary goblet diadem snake the piece in Voldemort and the piece in harry?

yup ol voldie didnt mean to but he put parta him into harry without really knowing.

Does Harry Potter die and come back to life in the last Harry Potter?

Harry is not dead at the end of the Deathly Hallows. The part of the soul that was transferred to him by Voldemort is now gone and he and Dumbledore have a conversation in a place that Harry belives is ''Kings Cross'' station. There does seem to be some idea that Harry is in a short of ''heaven''. Dumbledore tells him that he can go ''on'', however Harry decides to return to the battle and defeat Voldemort

Where did Harry Potter get the elder wand?

the elder wand originaly belong to albus dumbeldore who won it from grindelwald dumbeldore planned for snape to have it because he wanted snape to kill him but it couldn't work because his death was planned between the two men but before that Draco dissarmed dumbeldore and therfore took the power of the elder wand and snape kills dumbeldore. dumbeldore is now in a coffin within hogwarts and his wand is resting with him voldemort steals it from his coffin thinking the wand will work for him but he realizes its true power is within someone elses grasp and he suspects that that man is snape since he did kill dumbeldore so voldemort kills snape but he still didnt treuely win the elder wand but he thinks he did so in the end he duels harry with it and in the middle i forgot to mention harry disarms Draco therfore making him the master of the elder wand that means that it doesnt matter if u hold it u have to win it so it went grindelwald-dumbeldore-Draco-harry