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because they are isolated from the main continent and were out of war.

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Q: Why do Americans think they were important in World War 1 and World War 2?
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Why is rhineland in 1936 and austria in 1938 important?

I think that these are important because they are things that people used all the time especially during world war ii when the americans and germany fought.

Who was the Allied Power in World War 1?

I think it was the french, british, and the Americans joined towards the end of the war.

Which was an important part of Americans war efforts on the home war?

Which was an important part of Americans war efforts on the home war?Read more: Which_was_an_important_part_of_Americans_war_efforts_on_the_home_war

Why was World War 2 important for Americans?

It was very important because at the time the US was in the great deppression and the war brought them out of it, though, coming into the war was because of the lost lives a pearl harbor.

How did Americans feel about World War 2?

The Americans feel scared of the war. they felt hurt and sad because they losed someone that they loved and cared about. also they felt that the most important thing was winning the war.

Do you think Americans were justified in their fear of radicals and foreigners in decade following World War 1?

dick ? i think ? i might be wrong.

Why did many Americans think you should join World War 1?

Americans felt that if they join the war they would be fighting for their country. many felt an obligation to join, or they were forced by drafts

On which side did Arabia and Egypt fight during World War 1?

Egypt fort with the Americans i think?

Did the Allies assassinate anybody during World War 2?

Well. . . . . . I think the British helped the Americans.

What was not a reason for post world war 2 economic growth in the US?

i think its increased savings by most americans...

What was the most important event in World War 2?

Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor,and Americans reply as atomic bombs was the most important event

Why was this important to the Americans in the Revolutionary War?