Why do countries want an empire?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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countries want a empire so that they can either be powerful or they will have the power to run countries

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Q: Why do countries want an empire?
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Why did the british empire want to trade with other countries?

The British Empire traded mostly within itself. There were over 50 countries within the Empire, with food and raw materials imported from them and manufactured goods being exported to them.

Why did countries want a large empire in 1900?

A large empire was very important for trade and also for prestige. The power of a country was judged by the size of it's empire.

What countries is the austro-Hungarian empire?

german empire and ottoman empire

Who were the countries fighting in the battle of Balaclava?

Countries: vs. United Kingdom Ottoman Empire French Empire Russian Empire There is a link below

In what present day country or countries was the empire located The Aztec Empire or The Inca Empire?

There are multiple countries but for now we can guess by not only mexico

What countries has never have an empire?

An empire is just a large country

Why did the Romans want to control the empire?

Power over the trade of other countries has always meant wealth and security for the country with the power.

Why did western countries want to control the Ottoman Empire?

It had enviable pieces of land under its control such as Egypt, Israel/Palestine, and Iraq.

What countries is the Austro-Hungarian Empire allied with?

The German Empire Bulgaria The Ottoman Empire

What countries didn't belong to the British Empire?

About 50 countries were part of the British Empire. The rest of today's modern countries either didn't exist at the time or were in a different Empire. Some were even independent.

What countries did the Roman empire spit into?

It was spit into western Roman Empire and eastern Roman Empire.

How did roman empire conquer countries?

By Fighting for the empire in harsh Battles.