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Because very few of her poems have survived. We mostly have a number of fragments of poems by her.

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Q: Why do you know so little about Sappho today?
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Why did Sappho make history?

Sappho is so powerful because she was one of the best lyric poets in ancient Greece. Instead of being a follower Sappho decided to be a powerful, influential, and strong woman. Some of her best accomplishments were the poems she wrote about how woman are so beautiful and wonderful.

Was sappho a lesbian?

Saphho was a resident of the island of Lesbos, and she is where we get the modern term "lesbian." However, Sappho was married to a man, and wrote love poetry about him, but she also wrote love poems and erotic poems about other women. She was most likely attracted to both men and women, making her roughly bisexual in today's terms. The terms "lesbian" and "bisexual" did not exist in antiquity, however, so Sappho could not have identified as either of them. Sappho was not a lesbian, as she was attracted to both men and women, and the word "lesbian" was not invented while she was alive.

Why is the celebrated poet Sappho so extraordinary for this period in Greece?

Sappho is celebrated for her lyrical poetry that expressed deep emotion and personal feelings, which was unconventional for her time. She is known for her association with love and desire, especially towards women, which was unique in ancient Greek literature. Her work is revered for its beauty, passion, and emotional depth, setting her apart as a groundbreaking poetic voice.

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