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In Tudor houses there are steeper stairs when entering a high status room and a room where there is low status the room is also very low

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Q: Why in Tudor houses when you enter a room you have to go up stairs?
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How much did it cost to go to the theatre in Tudor times?

1penny for the pit, 6 pence for the gallery seats and 1 shilling for the Gentlemen's room.

How much did a rich Tudor house cost in Tudor times?

a rich person house would cost about 20 pounds in are money it would have a grand hallway with lots of ptrates in and a dinning room, bed room with 4 post bed and a kitchen as well as cellar.

What was a typical rich persons house like in Tudor times?

It would have been very large, made out of wood + stone and would have a great deal of patterns in the wood or on the beams in other words. Also the rich people didn't have glass window because it was very expensive and the important bit is that it would probably break on the journey. That's why it was okay to do this!

What were poor houses like in Tudor times?

The Poor peoples houses were small and cramped offen they had a crog loft witch is just like half a ceiling where children would sleep they would get up by a ladder They Also Had a fire in the middle of the room the frame of the house was built of wood the walls were made of straw and clay, called clom. they had one table and three stools if there was more than three people in the family they would have to take turns. i hope this is information will help you Grace Broadbent 11 years old.

What are African houses like?

In shanty towns, most dwellings are made from corrugated iron sheets arranged in boxes. Power is normally supplied from nearby traffic lights - the shanty town dwellers run an electrical cable from the lights to their houses.

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Why did Tudor houses have more room up stairs than down stairs?

The rooms downstairs were bigger...there fore there were fewer of them.

Where did the Tudor's live?

The royal Tudor people lived in palaces while the rich lived in houses made out of brick with big glass windows and the poor lived in small wooden houses with one room.

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What did rich peoples houses look like in Tudor times?

this is a rich Tudor house this is how big they were. they had over 20 bedrooms and had loads of beds in each room. if they had a get together this is one of the places they would of gone to.

Where the Tudors lived?

The royal Tudor people lived in palaces while the rich lived in houses made out of brick with big glass windows and the poor lived in small wooden houses with one room.

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