Why is blody Mary born?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Bloody Mary Is just a Story kid if you belived that that mean u r a kid kiddo

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Q: Why is blody Mary born?
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Is the blody Mary mith true?


Why was Mary 1st calld blody Mary?

because when she died she was covered of blood. she does not exit

Is blody Mary a ghost?

Bloody Mary is not a ghost. People want to fool you about it, so don't trust them.

Is blody Mary a demon?

No. Bloody Mary is an URBAN LEGEND. Meaning, NOT REAL. And why is this filed under New Testament?

Is blody Mary true or false?

false Edit (Iammeimeanme222) I think it's true ._. my mom saw her

Does blody Mary exist?

No its based on true story but no Queen Mary I of England was nicknamed that because she have tons of peoples' head cut off while she was the queen so that's why she is called bloody Mary but once again no she isn't real

How do you get blody Mary to come?

you can get her to come if you go in the bathroom and say her name 3times but im to scared to do it

Is Blody marry the monalisa?

no she was not but it was a inspiration

What is Red Rockets?

y should i tell you the blody answer

What can be more than a monument?

the fought with blody swords and they had to survive for 6 years and if they did they were free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Mary Davies born?

Mary Davies was born in 1855.

When was Mary Lucia born?

Mary Lucier was born in 1944.