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It was partitioned among his three sons following Germanic inheritance rules.

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Q: Why was Charlemagnes empire split?
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What happend to Charlemagne's empire after his death?

The empire stayed the same, but after the death of his son did the empire split in three

Where was charlemagnes empire?

Charlemagne's empire, which is called the Carolingian Empire, included the following present day territories:France, except for BrittanyBelgiumthe NetherlandsLuxembourgMost of GermanySwitzerlandmost of Austriapart of Croatiathe northern half of Italythe eastern parts of the Spanish PyreneesIn addition, there are areas to the east of these that are considered tributary.There is a link below to a map of Charlemagne's empire

Was Charlemagnes father pepin the short?

Yes Pepin the short was his father

Why did Charlemagnes empire not survive?

Under Frankish law, a kingdom did not pass to a single heir, but was distributed among the heirs. Under the Carolingian Empire, this was modified only to the point of having the empire go to a single heir, but there were numerous kingdoms controlled by different kings. The various kings quarrelled, and the overall emperor was only able to get support from his own kingdom, not from the empire as a whole, so the empire passed to a powerless state. Later, it was revived, but France remained separate from it; in this revived form, it was called the Holy Roman Empire.

Why did Charlemagnes empire dissolve after his death?

It did not really dissolve. It was - in complete accordance with the Frankish custom of the time - divided between his three sons. The western part was more or less what was to become France; the eastern part covered most of what was to become the Holy Roman Empire. Only the third part (in the middle) more or less 'dissolved' over time into a number of Principalities that linked themselves to either France or to the Holy Roman Empire.

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What is the significance of Charlemagnes coat of arms?

It is split in half and the eagle represents Rome

What helped unite Charlemagnes empire?

A strong and efficient government.

What was the main strength and the main weakness of Charlemagnes's empire?

He created modern Plumbing and Jonny On the Spot.

What did Charlemagnes empire do in A.D. 800 that the European Union is doing today?

they are calling the goverment to go to the renissance

Did charlemagnes empire not only occupied current-day France but also stretched into Germany austria and northern Ireland?

The answer is false his empire did not strech into germany Austria and northern Ireland.

From what empire did it split?

Well you have not told us which Empire you are asking about or what "it" was. However, as the British Empire was the largest in history, it is probable that whatever "it" was it split from the British Empire.

Who was Charlemagnes father?

Charlemagnes fathers name was Pepin the Short Charlemagnes grandfather was Charles Martel which means Charles the Hammer

How did Constantine split roman empire?

Constantine didn't split the Roman Empire. It was Diocletian, and he divided the empire into western and eastern halves.

Did Hadrian split the Roman Empire into the Western and Eastern Roman Empires?

No. Diocletian split the Roman Empire.

Who did the roman empire split?

Who indeed.

Who split the Roman empire into eastern and western?

Diocletian split the empire into eastern and western halves in order to make governing easier.

Who split the empire into two?

If you are referring to the Roman Empire, no one split it into two pieces or two parts. The emperor Diocletian divided it into four parts which was called the tetrarchy. It was later historians that gave the false impression that the empire was split.