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He died for his religious beliefs...He and Nicholas Ridley were martyrs.

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because they were both strong and reliable protestants. Latimer was a preacher, who criticised the Catholic religion, and Ridley was the Bishop of London.

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They were burned for being protestants, during the reign of Bloody Mary, who was aiming to restore Catholicism to England.

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Q: Why was the burning of Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley at the stake?
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Who was responsible for burning Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley at the stake?

Queen mary, threy were accused of heresy.

Why did they kill Hugh latimer?

The reason why they killed Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley was in order to scare the Protestants into conforming to Catholicism. Mary I of England sentenced them to being burnt on a stake.

Who killed latimer and ridley?

Queen Mary or Bloody Mary was the one who killed the now martys Latimer and Ridley. they were killed at the stake in the centre of Oxford.

Was Hugh latimer and Nicholas ridley protestants?

yes, and they were burnt at stake for being them too because mary wished to bring back catholicism and they were refusing and attemtping to prevent her

Who were Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer?

They were 2 bishops from the Tudor reign who were murdered :) ridleys brother was the one who draped 2 bags of gunpowder around their necks and then set fire to the stake.

What was the burninng of Hugh latimer and Nicholas Ridley?

Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were two Protestant bishops who were burned at the stake for heresy in Oxford, England in 1555. They were executed during the reign of Queen Mary I for refusing to renounce their Protestant beliefs and conform to Roman Catholicism. This event is known as the "Oxford Martyrs."

Why did Hugh Latimer say Play the man Master Ridley we shall this day light such a candle by God's grace in England as I trust shall never be put out?

Hugh Latimer was bishop to both the Worchester (before the reformation) as well as a bishop of the Church of England and Chaplain to King Edward VI. Latimer was burned at the stake for his beliefs and teachings under the reign of Mary I and Nicholas Ridley was his executioner. He is believed to have made this quote prior to his death.

What is play the man master ridley we shall this day light such a candle by God's grace in England as i trust shall never be put out.?

Later Captain Beatty reveals the context of the quote, explaining, "A man named Latimer said that to a man named Nicholas Ridley, as they were being burnt alive at Oxford, for heresy, on October 16, 1555." (pg. 40) This indicates the woman's willingness to die for her books, and that the reason she was being burned was for heresy just as Latimer and Ridley were. Beatty's ability to explain this also adds depth to his character, as he must have read that information to recall what it came from.

What was archbishop Ridley's first name?

Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of Rochester and later Bishop of London was burned at the stake in Oxford on 16th October 1555. His execution was for his opposition to authority of the Pope in England.

Who is Master Ridley in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451, Master Ridley is not a character. The character of Master Ridley is actually based on a historical figure named Nicholas Ridley, who was an English bishop and the principal engineer behind the concept of burning the heretics at the stake. The reference to Master Ridley in the novel serves to emphasize the brutality and intolerance of the society depicted in the story.

Is burning at the stake or combustion still legal in the US?


How did Jan Hus die?

he died at a burning stake