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Most of the world fought in it.

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Q: Why was the war 1914-1918 called a World War?
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What country did world war take place in?

the whole war that's why its called world war

What was World War 1 called before it was called World War 1?

The Great War, or the War to end all Wars.

IS the Civil war called Great War?

World War I was originally called "The Great War" (not the Civil War)

What was World War 1 called before World War 2?

The Great War

Why was the war that began in 1914 called a world war?

The war in 1914, originally called the Great War, was later called a world war as it was fought by more countries and on a larger scale than any war before.

How was World War I different from any war that had ever fought?

its the only war called world war 1

Why was world was 1 called the Great War?

The First World War ( 1914 to 1918 ) was also called "The Great War " at the time.

What was the War of Words after World War 2?

It was called The Cold War.

What was the war called between England and Germany?

World War 1.

Why is World War 1 called a Progressive War?

Because it progressed on to World War 2

Why was World War 1 called the Great War?

it was war against the great countres of the world

When did World War 1 got its name?

At the time it was going on, it was called "The Great War" and "The War to End All Wars". Loosely, after it was over, it was sometimes called "The World War". Once World War II began, it automatically became "World War I".