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Q: Why were the Balkans referred to as the powder keg of Europe leading up to World War 1?
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The Balkans were referred to as the "?

powder keg of Europe

What were the balkans reffered to as?

The Powder keg of Europe

What part of Europe is known as the Balkans?

The powder keg

In 1994 what region was known as the powder Keg of Europe?

The Balkans.

What nations were found in the Powder Keg of Europe?

The Powder Keg of Europe is also called Balkan Powder Keg. The Balkans are Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia.

Which area of the world has considered the powder keg of Europe prior to World War 1?

The powder keg of Europe refers to the Balkans, and various European powers that laid claim to the territory. Those countries primarily included Russia, Germany, and Austria-Hungary.

What were the Balkans called during World War 1?

The Balkans were called the "Powder Keg of Europe" because they were responsible for World War I starting.

What was the nickname given to the Balkans by 1914 because of tensions between nations?

powder keg of europe

What mountain range is the powder keg of Europe?

The Balkans, where what was Yugoslavia is, that is Croatia & Serbia & Macedonia etc.

What were Balkan's referred to as?

powder keg of Europe

Where was World War 1 exactly?

WWI was fought all over Europe. It spanned from western Europe, including France, Germany, and Italy, to the Balkans (the powder keg of Europe) and into Eastern Europe.

What region was described as the powder keg of Europe prior to world war 1?

the balkansThe "Powder keg of Europe", sometimes alternately known as the "BalkanPowder Keg", refers to the Balkans in the early part of the 20th century preceding World War I.