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Alice found jasper (because of her special gift of visions/second sight) and they both went to the Cullens together because Alice had seen it them go in one of her visions.

Your right but, Eward were the first teenager who joined the cullens

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Alice and Jasper met the Cullens before getting married. They joined the Cullen family as a couple after meeting them.

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Actually they met in a cafe and Alice told jasper about the cullens. So they went to go meet them.

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Q: Did Alice and Jasper get married before or after they met the Cullens?
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What year did Alice and Jasper join the Cullens?

Alice and Jasper joined the Cullens in 1950.

When did Jasper join the Cullens?

Jasper joined the Cullen family in 1950. He and Alice met and joined the family together after Jasper experienced a more peaceful vegetarian lifestyle with their guidance.

How did Alice and Jasper came to be in the Cullen family?

Alice saw jasper in a vision and that's how they met then Alice and jasper found the cullens using Alice's visions

What is Jasper cullens favorite color?

it is gray........on Alice it is gray........on Alice it is gray........on Alice

When did Alice Cullen and jasper hale marry?

Alice is married to Jasper but Jasper Hale is not yet married to Alice Cullen. what u've lost me!

When did Alice actually meet Jasper?

I'm not sure but we do know it was after Alice became a vampire and that she and Jasper are the latest additions to The Cullin Family.Actually, Alice met Jasper in 1948, and they found the Cullens in 1950.

What city did Jasper Cullen and Alice meet in?

Jasper and Alice met in Philadelphia in a diner. She kept having visons of Jasper and the cullens. Once Alice and Jasper met they never looked back they have been together sence

Who was the last member to join the Cullen family Alice Emmet Jasper or Rosalie?

Jasper Didn't Jasper and Alice join at the same time? Alice had a vision and went to look and wait for Jasper, when she did they both went to the Cullens.

Does Alice want to date Jasper?

Alice and Jasper are already married.

What is emmet Cullens talent?

He does not have a tallent like Edward, Alice, Jasper and Bella do.

Are the Cullens adopted?

Yes edward ,alice, emmett,jasper,roslie are all adopted

Are Emmett and Alice married?

No, Emmett is married to Rosalie and Alice is married to Jasper