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They can eat fresh-kill though they still suckled by Queens sometimes

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Older kits in Warrior Cats start to eat fresh-kill brought by the clan and are weaned off their mother's milk by the time they are around six moons old. They learn to hunt and fend for themselves as they transition into apprentices.

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Q: Did older kits in Warrior Cats eat fresh-kill or are they still suckled by queens in the nursery?
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Is Ferncloud never going to be a warrior again?

Ferncloud is probably never going to be a warrior again even though she is still tecnicly a warrior. She stays in the nursery with Daisy to look after new queens.

What is the name of the warrior mother who nurses kits?


Who all in the thunder clan has kits?

well if you're talking who has kits currently in the warrior series, then theres Millie (bumblekit, briarkit, and blossomkit), daisy (rosekit, toadkit) and then there is whitewing (ivykit, dovekit). also ferncloud has not left the nursery because she helps the other queens.

Who are the queens in the fifth warriors omen of the star book?

In the fifth Warriors: Omen of the Stars book, titled "The Forgotten Warrior," the queens are Sorreltail and Daisy. Sorreltail is a loyal warrior of ThunderClan, while Daisy is a former Kittypet who has become a valued member of ThunderClan. Both queens play important roles in the events of the book.

What are the names of the nursing cats in Warrior?

The nursing cats--or the cats who are nursing their young--are called queens. The cats who are nursing their mothers are called kits, not kittens.

What is the name of a mother nursing kits in warrior cats?

A mother nursing kits in Warrior Cats is often referred to as a queen. Queens are responsible for nursing and caring for their kits in the warrior cat community.

Who is the cat that is nursing in warrior cats?

Nursing she-cats are called queens. They give birth to kits to repopulate the clan. No, they are not forced to, they carry kits willingly.

Warrior cats height to lower ranks?

Leader, medicine cat, deputy, elder, queens, warriors, apprentices, kits.

What helps queens produce milk warrior cats?

Queens in warrior cats produce milk naturally after giving birth to support and nourish their newborn kittens. Their bodies go through hormonal changes that stimulate milk production, ensuring the kittens receive the essential nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Maternal instinct also plays a role, as queens will typically nurse their kittens frequently to provide them with sustenance and comfort.

Who are the queens in The Forgotten Warrior?

Poppyfrost (only till page 109) Daisy Ferncloud Cinderheart (Lionblaze's mate) Rosepetal (Foxleap's kits)

What is the answer to warrior cats lake territory on roblox?

Actually,the answer changer from time to time.right now,i think its "queens".idk if the creator changed it yet,but its the answer last time i checked.

Who was brindlefurs mother from warriors?

i forgot....but i know her littermate is frostfur so....ya i wasnt that big of a help. but there both nursery queens. frostfur: cinderpelt brightheart brackenfur brindleface:ferncloud ashfur(coocoo cat)