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Brambleclaw has not yet become leader, he might become leader in the the last book, but I am not sure, im looking to the future and I do not know how many lives firestar has left, 5 maybe.

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Yes, Brambleclaw becomes leader of ThunderClan in "Fading Echoes." Squirrelflight reacts with mixed feelings, as she is proud of Brambleclaw but also worried about their relationship changing. Leafpool is supportive of Brambleclaw, but also has concerns about how his leadership may affect the clan.

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Q: In fading echoes does brambleclaw become leader and how does squirrelflight and leafpool react?
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Do bramblestar and squirrelflight have kits?

No they don't have any kits. You may think that they did have Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit but those are actually Crowfeather and Leafpool's kits. Squirrelflight covered for Leafpool and took the kits.

After the gathering will Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw still be mates?

As of Omen of the Stars 2: Fading Echoes no, but anything can happen in Warriors as we have all learned by now.

Who is Crowfeather's family?

Mates:Nightcloud[4]: Living (As of Fading Echoes)Leafpool[5] (Formerly): Living (As of Fading Echoes)Sons:Breezepelt[6]: Living (As of Fading Echoes)Lionblaze[7]: Living (As of Fading Echoes)Jayfeather[8]: Living (As of Fading Echoes)Daughter:Hollyleaf[9]: Status UnknownMother:Ashfoot[10]: Living (As of Fading Echoes)Brother:Eaglekit[11]: Status Unknown, Most Likely DeceasedDistant Ancestors:Gorsestar[12]: Deceased, Suspected StarClan memberWind[13]: Deceased, Verified StarClan member

Who are Crowfeather's family members?

Crowfeather is a dark gray tom, almost black. Crowkit was born a WindClan cat; his mother is Ashfoot and the father is unknown, although Erin Hunter confirmed that it might have been Deadfoot (The deputy of WindClan in the first series, before Mudclaw.) Crowpaw's mentor was Mudclaw; The deputy of WindClan after Deadfoot. He also was one of the cats who made the journey to the Sun-drown-place to receive the prophecy from Midnight, a wise, speaking badger. Crowfeather got his name after Feathertail of Riverclan because they fell in love on the journey to Sun-drown-place. On the journey Feathertail died saving him and the mountain Clan the Tribe of Rushing Water from a large, carnivorous mountain lion nicknamed Sharptooth. After the journey, he and the other journeying cats (Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight of ThunderClan, Stormfur and Feathertail - now deceased - of RiverClan, and Tawnypelt of ShadowClan) returned to bring the message of ddestruction to the forest back to their Clans. When they arrived, they discovered that the destruction had already begun; and had been going on for some time (About a moon.) Crowfeather, and the other journey-cats, led the Clans to their new home at the Lake. Crowfeather then fell in love with Leafpool; the medicine cat of ThunderClan, and the daughter of Firestar, even though medicine cats aren't allowed to have mates or kits. They decided to run away so they could be together, but along the way they ran into Midnight, the badger from the Sun-Drown-Place. She told them of how her kin, her fellow badgers, were planning to take revenge on the Clan cats and kill them, because they were angry at the Clan cats for driving them out and taking the Lake. Crowfeather and Leafpool knew they had to return, and when they did they found Cinderpelt, Leafpool's mentor, dead; Leafpool had to return and stay with her Clan or ThunderClan wouldn't have survived, since they had no medicine cat. Crowfeather, a few moons later, tried to prove his loyalty to his Clan by mating with Nightcloud, a fellow WindClan warrior who was in love with him. Together they had a son named Breezepelt; Crowfeather appears to not care for either Nightcloud or Breezepelt. Crowfeather also had Hollyleaf(assumed to be dead - not confirmed), Jayfeather(Medicine cat), and Lionblaze with Leafpool but didn't know it until they were all fully grown. Squirrelflight pretended to be their mother, and only two living cats knew for many seasons; Leafpool, their mother, and he sister Squirrelflight.

Spoilers for Fading Echoes?

These are confirmed:Leopardstar, Blackclaw, Voletooth, and Dawnflower are dead (revealed in the Fading Echoes browse inside)A young cat (nobody knows who except the Erins) is crushed by a falling tree (revealed on Warriors Wiki in the Fading Echoes blurb)There will be a deadly battle (revealed in the Night Whispers blurb on Warriors Wiki)Mistyfoot will become Mistystar(revealed in the Fading Echoes browse inside)Graystripe and Millie's kits' warrior names are Briarlight, Blossomfall, and Bumbleflight (revealed in the Fading Echoes browse inside, allegiances)These are possible (NOT confirmed):Brambleclaw gets head trauma (I've heard he may get head trauma in OOTS, don't know where)Briarlight gets crushed by the treeCloudtail dies in the battleSome senior warriors may die in the battle or become elders

Who were Tigerstar's siblings?

Tigerstar's siblings are Hawkfrost and Mothwing. Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes, while Mothwing is a small, dappled golden she-cat with amber eyes. They are characters from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

Who are Ferncloud's's family members?

Mate:Dustpelt:[4] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Sons:Spiderleg:[5] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Shrewpaw:[6] Deceased, Verified StarClan memberFoxleap:[7] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Birchfall:[8] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Daughters:Hollykit[9]: Deceased, Verified StarClan memberLarchkit[10]: Deceased, Verified StarClan memberIcecloud:[11] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Mother:Brindleface:[12] Deceased, Verified StarClan memberHalf-Sister:Sandstorm[14]: Living (As of Fading Echoes)Grandmother:Robinwing:[15] Deceased, Suspected StarClan memberGrandfather:Fuzzypelt:[16] Deceased, Suspected StarClan memberUncles:Ravenpaw:[17] Status UnknownDustpelt: Living (As of The Fourth Apprentice)Aunt:Frostfur:[18] Deceased, Suspected StarClan memberCousins:Brackenfur:[19] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Cinderpelt:[20] Deceased, Reborn as CinderheartThornclaw:[21] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Brightheart:[22] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Honeyfern:[23] Deceased, Verified StarClan memberPoppyfrost:[24] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Cinderheart:[25] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Molepaw:[26] Deceased, Suspected StarClan memberWhitewing:[27] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Molekit :[28] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Cherrykit:[29] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Nieces:Squirrelflight:[30] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Leafpool:[31] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Grand-Nephews:Lionblaze:[32] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Jayfeather:[33] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Grand-Nieces:Hollyleaf:[34] Status UnknownGrandson:Toadstep:[35] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Granddaughters:Rosepetal:[36] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Ivypaw:[37] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Dovepaw:[38] Living (As of Fading Echoes)Brother:Ashfur:[3] Deceased, Residence UnknownOne unnamed tom: Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Does Jayfeather become a father?

No, as of Fading Echoes there are no signs that this has happened or will happen any time in the future.

What really happens in fading echoes?

Ivypaw gets jealous after Dovepaw blows the threes secret to Firestar after going to see her friend in Windclan,Sagewhisker.Ivypaw is confronted in a dream by Hawkfrost and he starts training her.Then they tell her they have to battle with Shadowclan tpo get the clearing back so Ivypaw lies to Firestar about a dream she had from Starclan.He believes it and they go to fight.Russetfur is killed and Firestar is killed by Russetfur.Both die and now i think Tigerheart will become deputy and then Brambleclaw become Bramblestar.

Who are Tigerstar's family members?

Tigerstar's family members include his parents, Pinestar and Leopardfoot. He also has a mate, Goldenflower, and together they have a son named Bramblestar. Tigerstar also has other descendants, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are part of the ThunderClan and ShadowClan clans.

When was The Echoes created?

The Echoes was created in 1959.

Who will die first brambleclaw or firestar?

Brambleclaw of course. Firestar has 5 lives left. Actually, he's got three. 1. Battle with BloodClan (The Darkest Hour) 2. Battle with the rats (Firestar's Quest) 3. Crushed by a tree (The New Prophecy: Dawn) 4. Killed by foxtrap/Hawkfrost (The New Prophecy: Sunset) 5. Killed by a fox (Omen of the Stars: The Fourth Apprentice) 6. Battle with ShadowClan (Omen of the Stars: Fading Echoes)